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PhotoPro Summer School - One Hot Time In The Summer!

 Sunday and Monday - July 10 & 11, 2011

Bonus Webcast Saturday Evening July 9, 2011

All Day With Kevin Ames Tuesday July 12, 2011 (add’l cost)

One Hot Time In The Summer!

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Register Now LRBoudoir Photography,   Wedding Photography,   Fashion,   High School Seniors,   HDR Processing,   Lightroom 3,   Photoshop CS5,   Adobe Camera RAW,   Portfolio Development,   Social Media Marketing,   Hot Shots! Print Competition & Review,   Wireless Shooting To iPads and Laptops,   and much more!

Only $119 if registered by midnight July 1, 2011 - $99 PPN members

$200 in Booking Bonuses with every Early Registration

$129 after deadline - $119 PPN members 

Not a PPN membermore here

  • 10 Full Programs presented by 5 great speakers! 
  • Hot Shots! Digital Image Competition and Review 
  • “LIVE Webcast” Saturday evening:  Processing HDR Images Saturday evening
  • Mini Trade Show Sunday & Monday
  • 4 Instructor Digital Shoot-Out Sunday Evening
  • Hospitality for everyone Sunday night
  • Monday Morning On-Location Safari with Lynn Michelle (Add’l fee $25)
  • Tuesday all day program with Kevin Ames (add’l fee $89)

Here’s the speaker line up!

Sigma HR Logo Kevin Ames: Fashion, Editorial, and Photoshop


2192-PSW LV lighting BIO:  Kevin Ames is a gifted photographer and engaging instructor. Check out his website right here.  He is equally comfortable leading multi-day workshops, teaching hands-on Photoshop and Lightroom classes or as a platform speaker.

He brings practical experience in photography to his sessions. As a successful professional photographer Kevin is an expert at lighting, digital capture and post production. He merges his expertise in making stunning photographs with an easy going instructional style that make his student have fun while learning everything from the basics to advanced skills behind the camera and in front of the computer. 

Program #1:  Bring The Exciting Look Of Fashion Photography To All Your Shoots!

Kevin is truly a master photographer - he is able to bring all the elements of lighting, color, composition, expression, and energy to his images.  They just seem to jump off the page.  Part of his success is because he knows what lens to use when – from super wide angle to wide aperture telephotos – the focal length of your optics play a big part in the impact of your photography. In Kevin’s first program Sunday afternoon he will show you exactly how to make it all work!

His easy manner and thorough knowledge of the subject will fast track your photography to the  next level.  This is a “must see” program.

Program #2 –  Unleashing The Power Of Adobe Camera RAW

Kevin has been writing books and teaching Photoshop for a number of years.  He brings this expertise to his fast paced, high energy, presentation which will explore the magic under the hood of Adobe Camera RAW.  Everybody is trying to save time and money in their post-production workflow.  Kevin will reveal his secrets to you in this tantalizing program guaranteed to bring a bit more sanity to your workflow.

Tuesday: All Day With Kevin Ames (add’l $89 fee)

Lighting, composition, mastering the image – that’s what Kevin will bring to his one day intensive program.  In addition to showcasing his amazing photography and the techniques he used to create those images, you will also get to experience “LIVE” hands-on demonstrations from Kevin.  Part of Kevin’s presentation will be seeing him work with his studio/lighting gear and models on stage.  It’s a great way to teach and even a better way to learn.

This class is also designed to improve workflow, bolster creativity, and jump start the digital photographic pre-visualization process. Every photograph reproduced in publications today is touched by Photoshop. This class shows how to retouch photographs the right way. Kevin understands the challenges faced by photographers in the digital world and helps them face them and then master them.

Prepare to be inspired!  This is one fantastic, exciting opportunity for you to learn from from one of the best photographers and educators in the industry! 

Books & DVD's by Kevin Ames...

  • The Digital Photographer's Notebook
  • Lightroom Workflow DVD
  • Photoshop CS2 the Art of Photographing Women
  • Digital SLR Photography with Photoshop CS2 All in One for Dummies
  • Photoshop CS the Art of Photographing Women
  • The Photoshop World Dream Team Book (contributor)
  • Adobe Camera Raw: Studio Skills (contributor)

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Lynn Michelle: Weddings and Boudoir Photography

Lynn Pic LRBIO:  Lynn Michelle labels herself a classically modern photographer who specializes in wedding and boudoir photography. in the Dallas / Fort Worth metro area. You can check out her website right here.

Lynn is an active member of  several professional organizations including the Professional Photographers of America (PPA ), The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP), and Modern Photographers, where she is recognized by her peers for style, consistency, and years of experience.

Lynn is also the recipient of The Knot’s Best of Weddings award for 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011 - recognized by her clients for her customer service and commitment to photographic excellence.

With her logic-based engineering and project management background, she strives to take the risks out of the wedding day by creating a plan from everything from group portraits to a private shoot in the studio. But most importantly, making it easy on the client and making the images look and feel natural.

 Program #1:  Shooting Your Way To Success – From the Corporate World to Very Successful Wedding Photographer In Only Six Years!

Lynn gave up a lucrative job as an IT professional when her part time wedding business started to consume her time.  Something had to give – she gave up the high level IT job and made wedding photography her only occupation.  Now she runs one of the most connected and successful wedding businesses in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

In her program, Lynn will share with you the steps along the way that that has allowed her to reach such a high level of success in only six short years.  Photography isn’t all about taking photographs, it’s about running your business like a pro too.

She will also share her exciting lighting and composition techniques that make her images stand out from the rest of the Dallas crowd. You can catch Lynn’s wonderfully energetic interview over at right here. You will love her photography, business building tips, and energetic presentation, that’s a promise!

Program #2:  Boudoir Photography – A Powerful Income Builder For Your Business!

Lynn does not shoot families, high school seniors, or any kind of commercial work.  She specializes in Wedding and Boudoir Photography.  This niche has served her very well.  She shoots about 80-90 Boudoir sessions a year with a very respectable average.  She promotes with Boudoir parties, Facebook, and any other creative methods she can find that work. 

Her clients are thrilled with her images – they are soft, provocative, sexy, but always in good taste.  Let Lynn walk you through how she has achieved her success in this field which continues to grow rapidly.

Private Early Bird Workshop Monday – Limited to 25 attendees (Add’l fee $25)

Don’t hit the snooze button but plan to spend an exciting Monday morning at one of the premiere wedding venues in the area, Spindle Top.  The building and grounds are gorgeous.  Lynn will show you how she gets her stunningly beautiful wedding images using the natural surrounds, soft and harsh lighting conditions, and on and off-camera flash. David Ziser will be acting a Lynn’s assistant on the shoot. It looks like one fun, fast paced  90 minute program! 

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A.J. Wood: Social Media Marketing and Lightroom 3

AJ Wood Pic

BIO:  As the President of Media Cats, Inc., A.J. Wood has been ranked the #1 Adobe Instructor WORLDWIDE more than once. In 2009, he was selected to join the ranks of recognized Adobe Community Professionals (formerly known as Adobe Community Experts). A.J. is best known for his straightforward teaching style, and ability to communicate ideas in the simplest of terms.

A creative generalist, he has worked as a musician, studio engineer, and network mercenary. One day A.J. woke to the realization he was smack in the middle of the wrong career. He reinvented himself, patiently building his craft as a digital artisan while discovering his passion for teaching.

A.J. gives back to the community by leading the Acrobat &  InDesign user groups, and actively promotes the  arts & technology throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. A.J. has published video tutorials on, and was recognized by Collin College’s Instructor Spotlight. He travels throughout the USA delivering seminars on Adobe products, and has appeared as a guest speaker for the AIGA, Westwood College, the University of Texas Arlington, and the Art Institute of Dallas.

Program #1:  Social Media Marketing: Do It or Die!

AJW 2A.J. has built a business as a consultant on Social Media marketing.  Like it or not – you’ve got to get up to speed on social media marketing or you will be left in the dust by the competition.  Those who do it best like wedding photographer, Lynn Michelle above, have transformed their businesses and “smoked “ the competition. 

A.J. will point you towards the best strategies clever shortcuts used by the social media experts.  He’ll show you how it can work for you probably must more easily than you imaged.  If you want to grow your business in the 21th century, this is an essential program to see.

Program #2:  Lightroom 3 – Kicking It Into Overdrive!

A.J. is one accomplished dude when it comes to all things Adobe.  In A.J.’s second program, he’ll show you the latest greatest offerings, tips, tricks, and secrets from Adobe’s Lightroom 3.  He is the master – his program will be targeted more to the portrait/wedding studio. If you’re already a Lightroom user, A.J.’s short 60 minute program with add a bit more polish and efficiency to your current LR3 proficiency. 

Damien Tepe: Photographer and Super Computer Guru

Damie Tepe LRBIO: Damien Tepe of Tepe Photo has been the lead technology consultant for for David A. Ziser Photography, Photographic Resources, Inc. and DigitalProTalk for over two years.  In addition to running a thriving photography business in the Northern Kentucky area, Damien has been on the cutting edge of the cool new emerging technologies for professional photographers. He has used his knowledge and expertise in these technologies to excite and enhance his client experience.  

Program:  Wireless Shooting Into iPads and Laptops

Damien will walk you though how easy it is to do just that for your client's too.  Shooting tethered into Lightroom is easy, but with the images making the trip from camera wirelessly to iPad or laptop, is a bit trickier but not difficult.  Damien's fast paced, info packed, solution based program promises to be a real highlight to this year's PhotoPro Network Summer School.  The technology is here, the set-up is easy, and the profit building results are worth the effort. Want to add a lot of sizzle to your shoots, then don't miss this program!

During his on location high school senior sessions, Damien will shoot wirelessly into his iPad with so the client can see the images instantly - they love it!  After the session, the client is thrilled to post several images to their Facebook page right on the spot.  Generating this type of immediate client experience has helped Damien grow his business rapidly in this past year. emily-092Heidi Schultz-144-EditDamien BW

Gavin Seim: HDR Photography At Its Best! A “LIVE” Webcast

Gavin Pic 2 Gavin is a renowned photographer and photo educator who has a passion for crafting images and making weddings, portraits and art pieces that are refined and unique. Gavin’s goal is to produce the most breathtaking art he possibly can and put it on everyone’s walls. 

Gavin is one busy person – not only does he operate a successful studio in Washington state [link], he also finds time to run ProPhoto Show a website that brings together talented photographers everywhere to discuss current and emerging topics in photography.  Gavin is also the inventor of Seim Effects, his very popular Photoshop Plug-ins and Lightroom Presets.

Gavin Seim HDR In addition to all his interests Gavin finds time to produce the most stunning HRD images you’ve seen anywhere - are simply breathtaking.  That will be the topic of his Saturday evening program “ HDR Photography At Its Best!”.  The broadcast will be presented “Live” from the Marriott before a studio audience. 

There will be time for questions and answers as David Ziser, our president of the PhotoPro Network will be moderating the program.  This is a brand new way to bring educators from all over the world to our PhotoPro Network/KPPA membership.  We hope you enjoy the efforts. Oh, Gavin is also a Square Dance caller and ventriloquist.  Maybe he’ll demonstrate his ventriloquism on his webcast ;~)

Summer Shoot Out Sunday Evening 3 Hours With 4 Top Instructors!

This has always been one of the highlights of our PhotoPro Network Summer School.  Four amazing instructors for two full hours. Everyone attending gets to learn from our fabulous four shooting under various lighting conditions, utilizing different techniques, at several locations throughout the Marriott Griffingate Resort.  Our shootout instructors for this year’s event are:

Laura Daniels:  Photographer of the year, Laura Daniels’ will share her talents during her fast paced Summer shootout sessions. It will be exciting to learn from someone who has risen to the top of her profession in only a few years.

Craig Weiglein:  Craig is an experienced and talented wedding/portrait photographer who runs a very successful business in Northern Kentucky.  His enthusiasm, humor, and talent makes learning from him fun, informative, and entertaining!

Gwen Moss: An award winning photographer who’s work just sings with exuberance and creativity will also be on hand for this Summer’s shootout. Attending Gwen’s session and seeing her easy manner and style will surely enhance your photographic abilities.

Scott Walz: Don’t miss a word Scott says.  His attention to detail, perceptive eye, and the creative approach he brings to every photographic assignment will give you the creative edge in your next session.  Scott has a way of really listening as he teaches that let’s him really connect with those in his class.

After a short break after the Summer Shootout, we will reconvene for the image review of the instructors’ favorite images and just relax to a little PhotoPro Summer School complimentary refreshments and hospitality.  It will be a great way to end the day.

Don’t miss PhotoPro Summer School - “One Hot Time In The Summer!” 


Marriott Griffingate Spa and Resort  Room only $99/night

1800 Newtown Pike > Lexington, Kentucky > 40511  >859.231.1500

Any questions, Please call PhotoPro Network Headquarters at 606.928.5333

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