HOT SHOTS Digital Competition

HOT SHOTS! Digital Competition

Saturday July 9, 2011
Submission must be received no later than July 6, 2011 
to be eligible for prizes.  

Challenge yourself and your creativity and enter this Summer's HOT SHOTS! Digital Competition.  All images will be judged by an esteemed panel of  Photographers. Afterwards the top scoring images will be reviewed before a studio audience and broadcast "LIVE" via a worldwide webcast on Saturday with winners announced during the webcast! 

Rules and Guidelines

• Images are to be submitted as digital files. Image files must be 2560 pixels x 1600 pixels (12.8 inches x 8 inches at 200ppi). The actual image portion of the file does not have fill the entire space and can be vertical, horizontal or any portion you prefer. Borders and/or key lines may be included similarly to printed competition images.

• Each file must contain an embedded color profile of sRGB and be saved at a JPEG quality setting of 10.

• Images should be placed in a category: PO (Portrait), WE (Wedding), IL (Illustrative), RS (Rising Star), TH (4th of July Theme)

• Files are to be named; Category code_ Image Title_makers last name. example: PO_ Rain _Williams

• All entrants must fill out the entire form and mail a DVD to Jonathan Brown at 7433 E. Orchard Grass Blvd, Crestwood, KY 40014. 

•All entries must be mail in no later than July 6, 2011 All DVD’s must have maker's name and number of files listed.

• Entry fee is $5 per digital image entered. Each person can entire up to 10 images.

Over $2,000 in Prizes

HOT SHOTS! Photographer - Highest Scoring 4 Image Total Score 
NIK Software Suite - $600 value

Best of Show – To the highest scoring image submitted and judged. 
OnOne Software Suite - $400 value

"Rising Star" Winner – Highest scoring image submitted by someone who has never submitted before..

Best Portrait Image – Highest scoring portrait, family, high school senior  Graphic Authority Templates - $179 value

Best Illustrative/Fine Art Image – Highest scoring Illustrative, Fine Art, or Landscape image.
NIK Viveza 2 - $199 value

Best Wedding Image – Highest scoring Wedding image. 

Best July 4th Theme Image – Highest scoring image representing America's favorite holiday TBA

Please Note: All categories "Must" have 5 or more images from different makers to be eligible.

Images must score at least a 80 or higher to be eligible to win any prize.  Any ties will be determined be the judges.

Download your HOT SHOTS! 
entry form right here.